Memory Leak "Graduate Into Nothing"
$2.00 - $7.00

  • Memory Leak
  • Memory Leak

Memory Leak "Graduate Into Nothing"
$2.00 - $7.00


I remember the days of long car rides where I would be stuck in the back seat for hours, just me and my walkman. Or the nights you would stay up until the sun started to harvest it's self from the east. I would always have a soundtrack playing in the back ground for those situations. If Memory Leak had existed at that point in time, their music would be it. Based out of Tijuana, Mex, with their brand of wistful arrangements, Memory Leak transport us to that bedroom we were in when, when everything felt safe

Recording by Patrick Alexander @CachoEstudio
Mixing/Mastering by Jack Shirley @AtomicGarden
Live photo: Ron Perez

*Release comes in a cassette album cover

Track Listing

  1. Patterns
  2. Roadtrip (to Nowhere)
  3. Ballenita Perdida
  4. Dream Queen
  5. Graduate Into Nothing
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